Why We Need To Save Herb

There could be many purposes to plant trees. It could be, for medicine, for food or even to preserve nature. Trees will also help to protect natural waterfalls while providing shades as well. Even though it’s done with many different purposes, indirectly it helps the living of planet earth and planting trees will be always considered as a good cause.

When a person takes an initiative to plant a tree, the benefit which comes with the tree is not only for the person, it is for the whole human race & for all living species in this world. It helps to protect the lives of all. So planting trees should be always encouraged because it helps us to make the world a better place.

We plant a tree recognizing the value of it. Once the tree starts growing it helps save water, purifies the air, gives different varieties of food and overall it helps the wellness of living species.

When we plant new trees and look after trees all around the world, living species don’t need to suffer from a lack of food or water. We can easily lower the consumption of artificial food, fast food which leads to a disease-free society.

In a land where trees are planted and well looked after, people will build up a spiritual connection among each other which leads to a violent free surrounding. Moreover, no animals will be killed for food and eventually, it helps the growth of other living species other than humans. All of this directs to a corruption-free healed land.

In 6th century BC, Lord Buddha had said “Trees are wonderful species of infinite compassion. They give away everything it produces such as food, shelter too all other species regardless of any measurement. They are kind enough to provide everything they have even for the people who are willing to destroy them”. Once trees are destroyed, they continue to help nature by fertilizing their own graves. Amount many of these various objectives of planting trees, one of the main objective is to present the importance of the medicinal properties of trees.